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About the Webinar

Your host is Darla DeMorrow, Certified Professional Organizer and author at HeartWork Organizing, LLC. If paper clutter gets you down, I've got the solutions for you and your lifestyle, your brain type, and your habits. I really want you to feel confident that you can find important papers and information when you need it. 

My special guest will be Megan Scott, Chief Vision Officer and Partner at BeaconBridgeWealth.com. You'll love getting the straight scoop from this warm and caring mom of 4 who is just a really great human being...who loves to connect people to wellness, starting with finances but going beyond. We both believe organizing is the kind of self-care you might need right now.

Answer Your Questions About What to Keep and Toss

We want to take the conversation from the tangible (how to clear the paper from my counters and tables) to the important (do I really need to keep papers for retirement, taxes, and estate planning?) to the strategic (what does building wealth mean?).

Tackle Your "Dumb" Money Questions

We'll discuss how paper clutter is directly related to >>>>>>>>> financial fears, and how to manage both!

Save You Time and Frustration

Just in time for tax season, we want you to have all the tools to be confident, organized, fearless, and financially healthy.

Who Should Attend

This is for adults who want to organize their financial matters, prioritize debt-reduction and wealth-building, and simplify their financial questions. Single or partnered, women and men, employed, self-employed, or in-between. We've got you. 

Bonus Drawing

Register in advance and be entered to win a lovely Brother label maker. (giveaway subject to policies)

Paper Organizing and Financial Wellness

Saturday, February 25th - 10:00 AM (EST)